Grab your bike and hit the rails in FutureGrind, a stylish stunt-racer all about tricks, skill, and speed. Coming to PS4, PC and Mac.
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Disco Zoo
Travel to regions around the world and collect everything from pigs to dinosaurs for your Disco Zoo. Discover hidden animals through casual puzzle play. Manage and expand your zoo to maximize earnings. Throw funky disco parties to get your animals and visitors groovin'!

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Scour the social media timeline to track suspects from photos in the aftermath of an explosion in a public square. Determine the location of the bomb and identify the guilty suspect. Time is of the essence. The people want justice. You have 2 minutes.

Photobomb was created to explore the growing trend of "trial by social media" after major events. How comfortable are you determining someone's guilt based on what you see on social media? Play Photobomb and find out.

Created in 5 days for the 7DFPS and ProcJam game jams. Free download for Windows and Mac OS X!

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from @mattrix and @owengoss